01 April 2024 - 22:43

These delicious toasty ham and cheese sandwiches are a dream to make for a busy weeknight!

01 April 2024 - 22:43

Toasty Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

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Toasty Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Ingredients:

4 pack of soft, buttery buns (I used Brioche with Sesame Seeds)
1 lb of SHAVED ham ( I used Krakus Polish Ham)
1/2 lb of sliced Gruyere Cheese (any soft, white cheese will do)
2 to 3 tablespoons of a sandwich spread of your choice (mayo, sandwich spread, miracle whip)
2 Roma Tomatoes sliced thin
Black pepper + Kosher salt
Olive oil or Beano's Sub Sauce 
Sandwich Topping like Hoagie Spread
Finely Minced Red Onion
How to make Toasty Ham and Cheese Sandwiches?
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